Sentence Examples

  • Amenemhe, the name of the founder of the XIIth dynasty, was compounded with that of Amun and was borne by three of his successors.
  • His consort was sometimes called Amaune (feminine of Amun), but more usually mother ": she was human-headed, wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, and their son was Khons (Chon or Chons), a lunar god, represented as a youth wearing the crescent and disk of the moon.
  • The jackal stands for Anup, the hawk for Har, the frog for Hekt, the baboon for Tahuti, and Ptah, Asiri, Hesi, Nebhat, Hat-hor, Neit, Khnum and Amun-hor are all written out phonetically, but never represented in pictures.
  • AMMON, the Graecized name of an Egyptian deity, in the native language Amun, connected by the priests with a root meaning " conceal."