Sentence Examples

  • Spencer, Ami Boue, A.
  • While thus employed he conceived the idea of the journal-afiche, and after the arrest of the king at Varennes in June 1791 he placarded a large printed sheet on all the walls of Paris twice a week, under the title of the Ami des Citoyens, journal fraternel.
  • In spoken Catalan is that in -i for all the three conjugations (ami, -is, -i, -em, -Cu -in; hems, -is, &c.; senti, -is, &c); it appears to be an abbreviation from -ia, and in effect certain subjunctives, such as cdntia, timia, tinguia, vinguia (for cante, tema, tinga, vingia), evidently formed upon sia (subj.
  • His chief works are - Lettre a un ami sur la Revolution Francaise; Eclair sur l'association humaine; De l'esprit des choses; Ministere de l'homme-esprit.
  • "What is that, mon cher ami?" asked the countess, who had finished her tea and evidently needed a pretext for being angry after her meal.