Sentence Examples

  • The Old Side adopted the academy at New London, Chester (disambiguation)|Chester county, Pennsylvania, which had been organized by Francis Alison in 1741, as their own; but the New London school broke up when Alison became a professor in the Philadelphia Academy (afterwards the university of Pennsylvania).
  • Alison, History of Europe, 1789-1815 (14 vols., London, 1833-1842); J.
  • Alison Phillips, will be found in the bibliographies to chs.
  • Alison, History of Europe, 1789-1815 (London, 1835-1842); T.
  • St John's Episcopal church at the west end of Princes Street was the scene of the ministrations of Dean Ramsay, and St Paul's Episcopal church of the Rev. Archibald Alison, father of the historian.