Sentence Examples

  • ALGOL, the Arabic name (signifying "the Demon") of, 6 Persei, a star of the second magnitude, noticed by G.
  • The light of Algol remains constant during close upon 56 hours; then declines in 62 hours (approximately) to nearly one-fourth its normal amount, and is restored by sensibly the same gradations.
  • Algol, in fact, travels at the rate of 26.3 miles a second round the centre of gravity of the system which it forms with an invisible companion, while the two together approach the sun with an unvarying speed of 2.3 miles per second.
  • The period of Algol, as measured by its eclipses, is subject to complex irregularities.
  • Algol gives a helium-spectrum which undergoes no alteration at minimum.