Sentence Examples

  • Aluminium fluoride, AlF 3, obtained by dissolving the metal in hydrofluoric acid, and subliming the residue in a current of hydrogen, forms transparent, very obtuse rhombohedra, which are insoluble in water.
  • There is, in fact, only one attempt known to the present writer to which the student can be referred as proceeding upon thoroughly scientific lines, that of Professor Alf Torp in Indogermanische Forschungen (1895), v., 195, which deals fully with the two inscriptions just mentioned, and practically sums up all that is either certain or probable in the conjectures of his predecessors.
  • A black coat with white spots distinguishes the Philippine spotted deer, C. alf redi, which is about the size of a roe-buck; while other members of this group are the Calamianes deer of the Philippines (C. culionensis), the Bavian deer (C. kuhli) from a small island near Java, and the well-known Indian hog-deer or para (C. porcinus), all these three last being small, more or less uniformly coloured, and closely allied species.
  • To Regin, a notable smith, was sent Sigurd - son of the slain hero Sigmundr the Volsung and his wife Hiortis, now wife of the Danish king Alf - to be trained in his craft.