Sentence Examples

  • Every Alcyonarian FIG.
  • - Transverse section of an colony is developed by Alcyonarian zooid.
  • - An expanded Alcyonarian zooid, showing the mouth surrounded by eight pinnate tentacles.
  • Formerly all corals in which tabulae are present were classed together as Tabulata, but Tubipora is an undoubted Alcyonarian with a lamellar stolon, and the structure of the fossil genus Syringopora, which has vertical corallites united by horizontal solenia, clearly shows its affinity to Tubipora.
  • The structure of the zooid of Heliopora, however, is that of a typical Alcyonarian, and the septa have only a resemblance to, but no real homology with, the similarly named structures in madreporarian corals.

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