Sentence Examples

  • 774, Mardos), a Persian king of infamous memory; the prevalent Greek form Smerdis has assimilated the Persian name to the Greek (Asiatic) name Smerdis or Smerdies, which occurs in the poems of Alcaeus and Anacreon.
  • His most original contribution to the substance of Roman literature was that he first shaped into poetry the experience of his own heart, as it had been shaped by Alcaeus and Sappho in the early days of Greek poetry.
  • AMPHITRYON, in Greek mythology, son of Alcaeus, king of Tiryns in Argolis.
  • "David was to be henceforth his Simonides, Pindar and Alcaeus, his Flaccus, Catullus and Severus."
  • About 611, with the assistance of the brothers of the poet Alcaeus, he overthrew Melanchrus, tyrant of Lesbos.