Sentence Examples

  • Albus, white), an organic substance typical of a group of bodies (albumins or albuminates) of very complicated chemical composition.
  • The vegetable kingdom is the original source of albuminous substances, the albumins being found in greatest quantity in the seed.
  • The chemistry of the albumins is one of the most complicated and difficult in the whole domain of organic chemistry.
  • The albumins contain in all cases the elements carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur and oxygen; their composition, however, varies within certain limits: C= 50-55%, H = 6.9-7'.3%,N = 15-19%,S =0.32.4%7 0=1 92 4%, General char- crystallized albumin is C = 51.48%, H = 6.76%, N= acters.
  • All albumins are laevo-rotatory; and on incineration a small amount of inorganic ash is invariably left.