Sentence Examples

  • In man, and doubtless also in lower forms, the absence of this pigment produces the well-marked albinotic facies.
  • In addition to complete albinism, there exist, however, various albinotic conditions in which more or less pigment may be present.
  • The individuals in which this diminished pigmentation is found are for the most part those living in caves, and it is probable that their condition is not truly albinotic, but only temporary and due to the absence of the stimulus of light.
  • Seligmann, there exists among the Papuans an albinotic race whose skin varies in colour from a pink-white to that of caf�u lait; the eyes are generally greenish, hazel or brown, and the hair is tow-coloured.
  • Like complete albinoes, this race suffers from photophobia, and is characterized by the albinotic facies.

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