Sentence Examples

  • Though the American Kennel Club officially recognizes many breeds, others stand waiting in the wings, hoping to some day gain that recognition and all the opportunities and benefits that come with full membership in the AKC.
  • There are a number of FSS conditions and goals to be met along the way, but if the breed club is successful, they will eventually be eligible for full AKC registration and participation in all AKC shows and events.
  • To exhibit, your dog must be able to walk on a lead/leash, and stand still for the judge to do a hands-on examination in an effort to determine how close he/she is to the AKC standard of perfection for your breed.
  • This may seem like a daunting task, but it really doesn't take much time to scan the images to look for contenders because AKC organizes the breeds alphabetically with quite a few breed image on a single page.
  • AKC compiles its top ten dog breeds list in January of every year based on the number of dogs registered by the American Kennel Club in the previous year from the first of January through the end of December.