Sentence Examples

  • You may have seen them in mall kiosks, at the beach and at town festivals, or you may have been to a party where a friend of a friend sparked your interest with their own airbrush tattoo kit, leading you to consider purchasing your own.
  • Color penetrates only the areas left uncovered by the stencil for a fast and accurate airbrush tattoo design.Most airbrush tattoo kits include a number of stencils, as well as plastic, rubber or paper sheeting for creating your own.
  • Since airbrush kits do tend to be pricey no matter how basic you decide to go, you may want to choose one of the less expensive kits and then upgrade later once your business picks up or you "outgrow" your first kit.
  • The Kelly System contains the Luminess airbrush gun and four shades of foundation in your choice of finish - either matte, which controls oil and offers up to 50 hours of wear or satin, which is great for everyday.
  • The Makeup and Tan Full Body Kit contains everything you need to create a full face of makeup, including foundation, blush, eye shadow and eye brow and also a golden glow from head to toe using airbrush bronzer.