Sentence Examples

  • The earlier conception of Varuna is singularly similar to that of Ahuramazda of the Avesta.
  • "This land Persis," says Darius, in an inscription at Persepolis, "which Ahuramazda has given to me, which is beautiful and rich in horses and men, according to the will of Ahuramazda and myself it trembles before no enemy."
  • Though but faintly pictured in the Vedic hymns, he is there invoked with Ormazd, or Ahuramazda, the god of the sky, and is clearly a divinity of light, the protector of truth and the enemy of error and falsehood.
  • Persian Auramazda or Ahuramazda), the supreme deity of Zoroastrianism.
  • This statement is proved correct by the inscriptions; all the former kings name only Auramazda (Ahuramazda), but Artaxerxes II.