Sentence Examples

  • If you can't get your hands on the Ahi style or you're concerned that purchasing a discontinued item could affect the ability to repair or replace your sunglasses, there are a few similar options to consider within the Maui Jim line.
  • See what the Maui Jim Ahi would have offered (and will, if you're lucky enough to find a pair), and check out the comparisons from there to determine the best style for your needs.
  • Non-Semitic) is rendered certain by the proper names Jau-bit-di (= Ilu-bi`di) of Hamath in Sargon's inscriptions, Ahi-jawi (mi) in Sellin's discovered tablet at Ta'annek, to say nothing of those which have been found in the documents of Khammurabi's reign.
  • In a tablet attributed to the 14th century B.C. which Sellin found in the course of his excavations at Tell Ta'annuk (the Taanach of the O.T.) a name occurs which may be read Ahi-Yawi (equivalent to Hebrew Ahijah); 6 if the reading be correct, this would show that Yahweh was worshipped in Central Palestine before the Israelite conquest.
  • 835 B.C.; Ninib-mukin-ahi, 790-761 B.C.; Mande, 725 B.C.; Nabu-dini-epush, 704 B.C.; Ahi-ilai, 649 B.C., officiated as Eponyms for the year.