Sentence Examples

  • Rowse also talks about how you run the risk of running afoul of copyright and other plagiarism laws since automated programs can't really ask permission to use content, and that can get you and your blogs in trouble.
  • The dwarves run afoul of goblins, are captured by elves, meet a shapeshifter in the wild woods, and in general have a lively time in their attempts to reach the mountains of their ancestors.
  • Early on in Bilbo's adventure traveling with the twelve dwarves and the Wizard Gandalf, they run afoul of a trio of trolls, who pop all the dwarves in bags.
  • Most seem to be living fairly normal lives, some have managed to eke out a few more moments in the celebrity spotlight and a few have run afoul of the law.
  • Even on the beach, you might occasionally run afoul of authorities or parents who would rather their children not see a virtually naked woman in the water.