Sentence Examples

  • Luther and his followers regarded vestments as among the adiaphora, and in the Churches which afterwards came to be known as "Lutheran" many of the traditional vestments were retained.
  • As head of the Protestant party the young elector Maurice of Saxony negotiated with Melanchthon and others, and at Leipzig, on the 22nd of December 1548, secured their acceptance of the Interim as regards adiaphora (things indifferent), points neither enjoined nor forbidden in Scripture.
  • Flacius, on the grounds that the imperial power was not the judge of adiaphora, and that the measure was a trick to bring back popery.
  • 2 5, 1 555), which left princes a free choice between the rival confessions, with the right to impose either on their subjects; but much bitter internal strife was kept up by Protestants on the theoretical question of adiaphora; to appease this was one object of the Formula Concordiae, 1577.
  • Schmid, Adiaphora, wissenschaftlich and historisch untersucht (1809), from the rigorist point of view.

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