Sentence Examples

  • Many devices are used, however, to ensure the adhesion between concrete and bar being perfect.
  • He hoped, by presenting facts as they were, to win the adhesion of all parties.
  • Iron ships' plates have recently been coated with copper in sections (to prevent the adhesion of barnacles), by building up a temporary trough against the side of the ship, making the thoroughly cleansed plate act both as cathode and as one side of the trough.
  • The Latin church tried in vain during the Crusades to secure their adhesion to Rome.
  • As a sort of theoretic basis for this adhesion to national type in literature, he conceived the idea that literature and art, together with language and national culture as a whole, are evolved by a natural process, and that the intellectual and emotional life of each people is correlated with peculiarities of physical temperament and of material environment.