Sentence Examples

  • There is also a large series of Thomas the Tank Engine trains that feature a railway with add-on pieces, including people, buildings, trees, etc. There are also train tables which are sold to accommodate these train sets.
  • Once just an ornamental add-on for trim on kitchen backsplashes and bathroom shower walls, glass tile is moving out into the more traveled areas of the home for installing on walls, mirrors and flooring adornment.
  • The confusion is understandable; people often hear about how they may want to "turn off JavaScript" on their browsers, and this can lead them to imagine that it is an application or an add-on to their systems.
  • You may think that your camera's flash will aid in taking stellar shots of fireworks, but it is unlikely that a built-in flash or even an add-on will be powerful enough to further illuminate the night sky.
  • The information we do have is that it will incorporate bits and pieces of the abandoned EarthBound 64, the scrapped title that was in development for the Nintendo 64 disc drive add-on device.