Sentence Examples

  • So it was with Celtic saints, and Adamnan, in his life of St Columba, i.
  • Much more important is the enlargement of that work by Adamnan, who became abbot of Iona in 679.
  • Reeves, Life of St Columba, written by Adamnan (Dublin, 1857); W.
  • As these two references suggest, the festival was associated with a professional pilgrimage, in commemoration of the passing of Christ and his apostles to the Mount of Olives; such a procession is described by Adamnan, abbot of Iona, as taking place at Jerusalem in the 7th century, when the feast was celebrated in the church on Mount Olivet (de loc. sand.
  • On his return he was driven by contrary winds to Britain, and so came to Iona, where he related his experiences to his host, the abbot Adamnan (679-704).

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