Sentence Examples

  • At this stage it is necessary to notice the fresh invasion of Syria by Hadad (Adad)-nirari, who besieged Mari, king of Damascus, and exacted a heavy tribute (c. Boo B.C.).
  • 77); without the brim it resembles the crown of the Babylonian Merodach-nadin-akhi, with afeathered top it distinguishes Adad (god of storm, &c.) at Babylonia.
  • Young Egyptian princes and youthful kings had 3 Comp. the horns of Bau (" mother of the gods "), Samas (Shamash), (H)adad, and (in Egypt) of the Asiatic god assimilated to Set (so, too, Rameses III.
  • Statue Of The God Nebo; REIGN OF ADAD-NIRARI III.
  • Somewhat later, the Assyrian king Adad-nirari IV.