Sentence Examples

  • Kronfeld has shown that aconites are dependent for this on the visits of a Bombus and cannot exist outside the area where it occurs.
  • Nearly all the species of plants which grow on these prairies are common to Europe (paeonics, Hemerocallis, asters, pinks, gentians, violets, Cypripedium, Aquilegia, Delphinium, aconites, irises and so on), but here the plants attain a much greater size; a man standing erect is often hidden by the grasses.
  • As garden plants the aconites are very ornamental, hardy perennials.
  • Japaconitine, obtained from the Japanese aconites, known locally as "kuza-uzu," hydrolyses to japbenzaconine, which further breaks down to benzoic acid and japaconine.

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