Sentence Examples

  • SANKARA ACHARYA (c. 789-820), Hindu theologian, was born about the year 789, probably at the village of Kaladi in Malabar.
  • In the midst of these conflicting tendencies, an attempt was made, about the latter part of the 8th century, by the distinguished Malabar theologian and philosopher Sankara Acharya to restore the Brahmanical creed to ?'
  • Of Saiva mendicant and ascetic orders, the members of which are considered more or less followers of Sankara Acharya, the following may be mentioned: (I) Dandis, or staff-bearers, who carry a wand with a piece of red cloth, containing the sacred cord, attached to it, and also wear one or more pieces of cloth of the same colour.
  • Madh y a Acharya, another distinguished Vedanta teacher and founder of a Vaishnava sect, born in Kanara in A.D.
  • He is indeed taken by some authorities to be identical with the mathematician Bhaskara Acharya, who is known to 'have completed his chief work in A.D.