Academic Freedom Definition

Liberty to teach, pursue, and discuss knowledge without restriction or interference, as by school or public officials.
American Heritage
Freedom of a teacher or student to hold and express views without fear of arbitrary interference by officials.
Webster's New World
The right of a teacher or student, especially at the college or university level, to discuss or investigate any issue, or to express opinions, on any topic without interference or fear of penalty or other reprisal from either the school or the government.
Webster's New World Law
A school’s freedom to control its own policies without government interference, penalty, or reprisal. The extent to which academic freedom exists depends on many facts, including whether the school is a private or public institution and whether it is a primary or secondary school or a college or university.
Webster's New World Law

The right to teach or learn freely without unreasonable interference from authority, or fear of reprisal.


Origin of Academic Freedom

  • Calque of German akademische Freiheit. First attested in English in 1901.

    From Wiktionary

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