Absinthium Definition


(now rare, botany) The common wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), an intensely bitter herb used in the production of absinthe and vermouth, and as a tonic. [First attested around 1150 to 1350.]


The dried leaves and flowering tops of the wormwood plant; absinthe oil.


Origin of Absinthium

  • From Latin absinthium, from Ancient Greek ἀψίνθιον (apsinthion), ἀσπίνθιον (apsinthion). The Ancient Greek word is of uncertain origin, albeit recognized as foreign (E.R. Wharton): underlain by a pre-Greek Pelasgian word, marked by the non-Indoeuropean consonant complex νθ. May be from Persian اسپند (ispand, “wild rue”). See also Absinthe on Wikipedia.

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