Sentence Examples

  • It was popular in the middle ages, hexameter abridgments being current under the names of Theodericus and Petrus Diaconus.
  • Other abridgments, not by Bower, were made about the same time, one about 1450 (perhaps by Patrick Russell, a Carthusian of Perth) preserved in the Advocates' library (MS. 35.6.
  • Yet Homilies and Recognitions are abridgments made on different principles and convey rather different impressions to their readers.
  • A second enlarged edition (16 vols.) was issued from 1787 to 1794, and was succeeded by many others, besides abridgments in German, French and English.
  • Ibn Batuta's travels have only been known in Europe during the 19th century; at first merely by Arabic abridgments in the Gotha and Cambridge libraries.