Sentence Examples

  • Abp 2 ._ abp3 abp4 abp5.
  • The praegenital somite, VII PrG, is still present, but has lost its rudimentary appendages; go, the genital operculum, left half; Km, the left pecten; abp 4 to abp 7, the rudimentary appendages of the lung-sacs.
  • Other lives by Posl (Regensburg, 1847); P. Guerin (Lyons, 1852); Mrs Hope (London, 1859); Abp. Capecelatro (2 vols., 1879; 2nd ed., 1884; Eng.
  • Thus if Q is the surface density, S the thickness of the shell at any point, and p the assumed volume density of the matter of the shell, we have v =Abp. Then the quantity of electricity on any element of surface dS is A times the mass of the corresponding element of the shell; and if Q is the whole quantity of electricity on the ellipsoid, Q =A times the whole mass of the shell.