Sentence Examples

  • Then ABF = angle of elevation; EFB =quadrant angle; BCD=angle of sight; EBF=ABF - ABE; and since ABE = BCD, it also equals ABF - BCD.
  • Moizz Abe Tamim Maadd (or li-din allah), 357365 (969975).
  • Before this calamity Abe, contained II I° houses and 13,000 inhabitants; and its university had 40 professors, more than 500 students, and a library of upwards of 30,000 volumes, together with a botanical garden, an 1 The object of the story of the encounter is to explain the name Helkath-hazzurim, the meaning of which is doubtful (Ency.
  • Thick of a monolithic dam, subject to the pressure of water against its vertical side to the full depth ab= d in feet, the horizontal _ eL 2 pressure of water against the section of the dam, inI creasing uniformly with the depth, is properly represented by the isosceles right-angled triangle abe, in which be is the maximum water-pressure due to the Cent full depth d, while the area 2 abe = d is t h e total hor12 d3 6 If x be the width of the base, and p the density of the masonry, the weight of the masonry in terms of a cubic foot of water will be acting at its centre of gravity g, situated at 3x from the outer toe, and the moment of resistance to overturning on the outer toe, p x 2 d (2) In countries where good clay or retentive earth cannot be obtained, numerous alternative expedients have been adopted with more or less success.
  • Betsy asked, probably visualizing Abe Lincoln's birth place, with outside toilet and stream-carried water.