Sentence Examples

  • Thenceforth Seto became the headquarters of the manufacture of cha-no-yu utensils, and many of the tiny pieces turned out there deserve high admiration, their technique being perfect, and their mahogany, russet-brown, amber and buff glazes showing wonderful lustre and richness.
  • This arises from the pronunciation of u as yu, and does not affect the English dialects which have not thus modified the u sound.
  • Meantime on the Japanese right the 12th division attacked the large bodies of troops that Kuropatkin had massed (Yu-shu-ling) equally in vain.
  • On the 25th of August the 2nd and 4th Armies from Haicheng and the 1st Army from the Yin-tsu-ling and Yu-shu-ling began the last stage of their convergent advance.
  • Me (Mother) tan (you) yu (live) ti (place) nai (where), or "Where is your mother ?"