Sentence Examples

  • Thus e1Xe1 = el, e 2 Xe 2 = - e l, e i X e 2 =e 2 X e 1 =e 2.
  • 13 C figure of the three lines YX, XE, EY in the frame, and represents the three forces in equilibrium at the point YXE of the frame.
  • The direction of YX, being a thrust upwards, shows the direction in which we must go round the triangle YXE to find the direction of the two other forces; doing this we find that the force XE must act down towards the point YXE, and the force EY away from the same point.
  • Putting arrows on the frame diagram to indicate the direction of the forces, we see that the member EY must pull and therefore act as a tie, and that the member XE must push and act as a strut.
  • The weight load was pushing downwards, causing pressure on the strut.