Sentence Examples

  • His conduct may be excused on the ground that the bishops were subjected to unwarrantable intimidation.
  • Unwarrantable interference, Austrias attempt to have him excluded from the Succession at the congress of Verona (1822).
  • A by no means unwarrantable fear of the king of Prussia, who was "to be reduced within proper limits," so that "he might be no longer a danger to the empire," induced Elizabeth to accede to the treaty of Versailles, in other words the Franco-Austrian league against Prussia, and on the 17th of May 1757 the Russian army, 85,000 strong, advanced against Konigsberg.
  • But this seems an unwarrantable concession to the vulgar opinion that two bodies cannot co-exist in the same place.
  • The modern village, which was called Monte Fortino until 1870, owes its present name to an unwarrantable identification of the site with the ancient Volscian Artena, destroyed in 404 B.C. Another Artena, which belonged to the district of Caere, and lay between it and Veii, was destroyed in the period of the kings,and its site is quite unknown.