Sentence Examples

  • Then, of forms which are but weakly represented, we have the otherwise abundant thrushes (Turdidae), and, above all, the woodpeckers (Picidae), of which only very few species, out of 400, just cross the boundary and occur in Lombok, Celebes or the Moluccas, but are unknown elsewhere in the region."
  • BLACKBIRD (Turdus merula), the name commonly given to a well-known British bird of the Turdidae family, for which the ancient name was ousel, Anglo-Saxon Osle, equivalent of the German Amsel, a form of the word found in several old English books.
  • Catesby called it), the popular name of birds belonging to the American sub-family Miminae of the thrushes, Turdidae, differing by having the tarsus scutellate in front, while the typical thrushes have it covered by a single horny plate.