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  • Among editions the first is of 1619, by Gretser; the best, that of 1877, by Tobler, in Itinera et Descriptiones Terrae Sanctae; we may also mention that of 1870, by Delpit, in his Essai sur les anciens pelerinages a Jerusalem; see also Delpit's remarks upon Arculf in the same work, pp. 260-304; Beazley, Dawn of Modern Geography, i.
  • He was worthily followed by Titus Tobler, who in 1853 and later years published volumes abounding in exact observation; and by V.
  • Tobler, Bibliographica Geographica Palaestinae (1869), with a supplement in Petzholdt's Neuer Anzeiger fiir Bibliographie and Bibliothekwissenschaf t (1875).
  • Tobler, Bethlehem (1849), Nazareth (1868), Dritte Wanderung (1859); C. R.
  • Tobler and A.

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