Sentence Examples

  • The word signifies horned cattle, and is found in Shakespeare's own writing, in the restored line "It is the pasture lards the rother's sides" (Timon of Athens), '' where "brother's" was originally the accredited reading.
  • TIMON (c. 320-230), of Phlius, Greek sceptic philosopher and satirical poet, a pupil of Stilpo the Megarian and Pyrrho of Elis.
  • 84-98) show that Timon possessed some of the, qualities of a great satirist, together with a command of the hexameter; but he had no loftier aim than to awaken laughter.
  • There is a reference to Timon in Eus.
  • De Bertha, La Constitution Hongroise (Paris, 1898), both supporting the policy of Magyarization; Akos von Timon, Ungarische Verfassungsand Rechtsgeschichte (Berlin, 1904); Knatchbull-Hugessen, op. cit.