Sentence Examples

  • "Meshech" and "Tubal" are no hindrance to this view, if the names of the so-called "sons of Japheth" are critically examined.
  • 22 where Tubal-cain is the "father" of those who work in bronze (or copper).
  • A deal of study has been devoted to the cunning Tubal Cains, the surprising productions of whose handiwork have been recovered in the art provinces of Mexico and the Cordilleras, especially in Chiriqui, between Costa Rica and Colombia.
  • The acetate and the citrate are valuable mild diuretics in Bright's disease and in feverish conditions, and by increasing the amount of urine diminish the pathological fluids in pleuritic effusion, ascites, &c. In tubal nephritis they aid the excretion of fatty casts.
  • It lies in the side wall of the pelvis with its long axis nearly vertical and having its blunt end (tubal pole) upward.