Sentence Examples

  • There are also two kinds of shrubby plants, a thorny Composita called " ccanlli " and another, called " tola," which is a resinous Baccharis and is used for fuel.
  • Tola, weight), the name current in European usage for the Chinese Jiang or ounce, the Jiang of fine uncoined silver being the monetary unit throughout the Chinese empire.
  • Contemporaneously with the Wars of Religion in France a long and terrible struggle between the king of Spain and his Dutch and Belgian provinces had resulted in the formation of a Protestant state - the United Nether- United lands, which was destined tola an important role play p in the history of the Reformed religion.
  • The "tola" (180 grains) is properly the Government unit of weight for currency; and 80 tolas make the "Government seer."
  • The small ports of La Tola and Pailon are located on these waters.

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