Sentence Examples

  • (2) Sinhalese; episodes collected and translated by Spence Hardy from Sinhalese texts of the 12th and later centuries, in Manual of Buddhism (London, 1897, 2nd edition), pp. 138-359.
  • He arose instantly with a mind fully made up - "roused into activity," says the Sinhalese chronicle, "like a man who is told that his house is on fire."
  • Tumour) that Buddhaghosa translated the commentaries, then existing only in Sinhalese, into Pali.
  • It would seem that up to the 4th century of our era the Sinhalese had written exclusively in their own tongue; that is to say that for six centuries they had studied and understood Pali as a dead language without using it as a means of literary expression.
  • Introduction of Sinhalese Buddhism, with its literature and art.

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