Sentence Examples

  • If the owner of the snowmobile is hesitant in his answers, he avoids the questions or he gives you excuses, it’s a sure sign that there’s something wrong with the snowmobile and you should take your business elsewhere.
  • Buying a previously owned snowmobile requires even greater attention to detail because once you buy the snowmobile, you don’t have much recourse if there winds up being a problem with it.
  • Another fun project was an ergonomic snowmobile, designed specifically to be comfortable for long comfortable rides, unlike the most snowmobiles today that are based on a racing model.
  • Vermont - The resorts of Killington and Stowe offer downhill skiing and much more, including ice skating, sleigh rides, snowmobile and snowshoe tours, and cross-country skiing.
  • Finally, before you sign on the bottom line, put on your goggles and take the snowmobile for a test drive to make sure it rides smoothly and performs as expected.