Sentence Examples

  • She was a very proficient skier.
  • Whether you're a skier, hiker, swimmer or cyclist, a sports watch is an accessory you'll need to help keep you going--most come equipped with alarm features that keep you on time, and most are resistant to water and scratches.
  • According to an article in Business Journal in 1997, Nordic Track was sued for using deceptive sales techniques and making misleading claims about the effectiveness of the Pro Skier in helping people lose weight.
  • Many experts, including Thoren, believe that mounting the ski bindings in a position that is forward of center can help a female skier keep her weight over the ski's sweet spot, and thus gain more control.
  • With 750 feet of vertical drop and thirteen lifts, this mid-sized mountain is an approachable ski area for those who are casual skiers, yet will still be able to entertain the more advanced skier.