Sentence Examples

  • Angelini Rota, Spoleto e Dintorn2 (Spoleto, 1905); and various articles by G.
  • Many miracles have been ascribed to him; an official list of these, said to have been attested by eyewitnesses, was drawn up by the auditors of the Rota when the processes for his canonization were formed, and is preserved in manuscript in the Vatican library.
  • He took no active share in the political troubles of the time, but from his description of a meeting of the Rota Club, founded by James Harrington.
  • Section II of the act ordered, inter alia, that the trial of every election petition shall be conducted before a puisne judge of one of the common law courts at Westminster and Dublin; that the said courts shall each select a judge to be placed on the rota for the trial of election petitions; that the said judges shall try petitions standing for trial according to seniority or otherwise, as they may agree; that the trial shall take place in the county or borough to which the petition refers, unless the court should think it desirable to hold it elsewhere.
  • The rota of judges for g the trial of election petitions is also supplied by the king's bench division.