Sentence Examples

  • A football-shaped cake is easy to make, or a sheet cake can be decorated with yard lines and goal posts, while a racecar shaped cake can have just married cans attached to the bumper for a racing fan.
  • Lightning McQueen - Perfect for hard surfaces and grass, this cool racecar from the popular movie Cars features sound affects and drives at two speeds in forward and one speed in reverse.
  • The above list works for a baby boy or girl, but if you know the baby's sex, you can always use something gender specific like a doll or racecar.
  • "One day when I came off the basketball court after a middle school game I told my dad that I had made the decision to be a racecar driver."
  • They can be "shaped" like a racecar or castle, or have a favorite character theme, such as Thomas the Train or Winnie the Pooh.