Sentence Examples

  • Cyclopsittacus, Eos, Lorius, &c. Psittacidae, tongue smooth, incl.
  • In 1832 Edward Lear, afterwards well known as a humorist, brought out his Illustrations of the Family of Psittacidae, a volume which deserves especial notice from the extreme fidelity to nature and the great artistic skill with which the figures were executed.
  • The climbers comprise a large number of species, some of which, like those of the parrot (Psittacidae) and woodpecker (Picus), are particularly noticeable in every wooded region of the country.
  • Broderip, who mentioned it in his article "Psittacidae," in the Penny Cyclopaedia (xix.
  • Summarily expressed, Garrod's scheme was to divide the parrots into two families, Palaeornithidae and Psittacidae, assigning to the former three subfamilies, Palaeornithinae, Cacatuinae and Stringopinae, and to the latter four, Arinae, Pyrrhurinae, Platycercinae and Chrysotinae.