Sentence Examples

  • Acting as your as a PDA the touch screen of the DS not only organizes the need-to-know data of the game, but keeps all of this information off of your main screen so you can see what is in your pockets without taking you away from the game.
  • Device closure of PDA is a medical procedure in which a device such as a coil, very small rings of wire, or an occluder, a tiny wire mesh patch, is placed over the PDA causing the blood to clot and thus closing the open ductus.
  • In addition, the new phones have larger displays in order to allow users to use the address book, global positioning, photography, PDA, text messaging and web browsing capabilities that are becoming standard on mobile devices.
  • The interior features everything from a PDA pocket (which is ideal for cell phones and MP3 players, too) and multiple pen loops to zippered compartments and multifunction pockets to keep small items conveniently within reach.
  • For two known carriers, there is a 25 percent risk with each child to have a child with PDA, a 50 percent chance to have a child who is a carrier, and a 25 percent chance to have a child who is neither affected nor a carrier.