Sentence Examples

  • Many people feel confident going into a Ouija board session, but all too often the tug of the planchette under your fingers can induce a surreal feeling, almost as though everything that you thought was impossible is suddenly possible.
  • When it comes to playing with the Ouija board, these recent Ouija board stories show that there are never 100% proof positive ways to protect yourself and your playing cohorts from mischievous and downright dangerous spirits.
  • In the 1980s, a group of college girls were huddled in a circle in the middle of a dorm room using a Ouija board, their fingers just barely touching the planchette as it slid around the board in a lazy figure eight motion.
  • While this theory has been repeated and revised by scientists and psychologists throughout the years, the fact remains that witnesses report very strange and inexplicable phenomenon surrounding the use of the Ouija board.
  • At Your Ghost, a young man from Australia relates an experience he had in November of 2008 while sitting with his friends and playing with the Ouija board that someone's girlfriend had left sitting around.