Sentence Examples

  • You can find all of these types of nonverbal communication in the book, Dating Decoder, along with drawings taken from real situations that show body language in dating situations.
  • Nonverbal communication could be gestures, idiosyncratic movements, cultural habits, posture, involuntary physiological responses to stimuli, and "costumes and scenery."
  • The most distinctive feature of the Wechsler tests is their division into a verbal section and a nonverbal (or performance) section, with separate scores available for each subsection.
  • Individuals with classic autism can have symptoms that include substantial delays in speech and language, with a small percentage of affected individuals remaining entirely nonverbal.
  • Though some may fear that allowing nonverbal communication will enable the mutism to continue, many therapists believe it is a necessary step for most children with mutism to overcome their communication anxiety in a step-by-step manner.