Sentence Examples

  • The time had now come (1880) when the Republican party must nominate a candidate for the presidency.
  • Tweed, forced the Democratic state convention to nominate its henchman, John T.
  • With this view they asked Mr (afterwards Sir John) Brand, president,, of the Free State, to allow them to nominate him for the presidency of the South African Republic. To this President Brand 1872.
  • When ordered abroad they could nominate a son, if capable, to hold the benefice and carry on the duty.
  • In 1909 a direct primary elections law was passed which required a majority of all votes to nominate, and, to make a majority possible, provided for preferential (or second-choice) voting, such votes to be canvassed and added to the first-choice vote for each candidate if there be no majority by the first-choice vote.