Sentence Examples

  • NATICK, a township of S.E.
  • The township's largest village, also named Natick, lying 18 m.
  • In the village of South Natick is the Bacon Free Library (1880), in which is housed the Historical, Natural History and Library Society.
  • Natick is the Indian name, signifying " our land," or " hilly land," of the site (originally part of Dedham) granted in 1650 to John Eliot, for the praying " Indians.
  • There was an Indian church in Natick, at what is now called South Natick or " Oldtown," from 1660 to 1716; and for some years the community was governed, in accordance with the eighteenth chapter of Exodus, by " rulers of tens," " rulers of fifties," and " rulers of hundreds."