Sentence Examples

  • Since the game disc is a static object and it was created before the 2009-2010 NHL season commenced, it is to be expected that the NHL 10 rosters can only be as accurate as what the league published around August 2009.
  • Sports fans will appreciate the Tampa Bay Rays major league baseball team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL team, the Lightning NHL team, the New York Yankees spring training facility, and various other local teams.
  • I'd imagine that the graphics on the Xbox 360 would be similar to the PS3 version of NHL 08, but if you opt for the cheaper PlayStation 2 version of the game, the graphics are probably nowhere near as good.
  • With a long tradition of ultra realistic gameplay, and a library that includes NBA Live, NHL, and more, it seems that the video game developer has locked down exclusive video game rights to Tiger Woods.
  • Available on a wide range of consoles, NHL 10 offers an intuitive dual analog stick control scheme, accurate physics mechanics, a new first-person fight view, and the ability to create custom plays.