Sentence Examples

  • Side of Mongolia, and, since 1904-5, it has skirted the N.
  • The high tableland of Tibet and Pamir to the lower plateaus of Mongolia, and thence N.E.
  • Mongolia, not far apart in 101° E.
  • Pozdneeff, Towns of North Mongolia (1880); Mongolia and the Mongols (1896 and 1899); and the article " Mongolia " in Russian Encycl.
  • The nucleus of the invading horde was a small pastoral tribe in Mongolia, the chief of which, known subsequently to Europe as Jenghiz Khan, became a mighty conqueror and created a vast empire stretching from China, across northern and central Asia, to the shores of the Baltic and the valley of the Danube - a heterogeneous state containing many nationalities held together by purely administrative ties and by an enormous military force.