Sentence Examples

  • Again, it's important with all of these questions to make him feel as though he can safely express himself honestly - this is not the time to be judgmental, and certainly not to run a guilt trip about anything.
  • It is important when listening to guided relaxation that a person not be judgmental or critical of the instructions.
  • Possibly the hardest part of sensuality is that judgmental voice in your head that will try to second guess what you're doing - whether you're doing it well enough, good enough, or whether your body is pleasing enough.
  • Get informed before you make any decisions about sexual relationships, if possible, and remember there are adults who you can talk to and who will answer your questions without being judgmental.
  • If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all: Unless you are calling out the blogger on something he or she said, don't be judgmental or nasty with your comments.