Sentence Examples

  • Ixodidae (Ixodes, Rhipicephalus).
  • The ticks (Ixodes) are not only injurious as blood-suckers, but are now credited with carrying the germs of Texas cattle-fever, just as mosquitoes carry those of malaria.
  • P. 289, 1892; Wagner, Embryonal Entwick, von Ixodes (St Petersburg, 1893); 41.
  • Insects abound in great numbers, the most troublesome and destructive being the tick (Ixodes natalensis), which infests the pasturage, and the white ant (Termes mordax).
  • The common sheep-tick (Ixodes vicinus) of England, for example, infects cattle and dogs as well as sheep; and the pathogenetic Ixodidae above mentioned occur parasitically upon other mammals than those to which they convey the diseases specified.