Sentence Examples

  • They meet a bride-to-be who has spent the past two months in a so-called "fattening hut," where she drinks ghee all day in an attempt to gain weight before her wedding.
  • Cholesterol laden ghee (a form of butter) forms the basis of nearly every dish, and cream, paneer (an Indian style soft cheese similar to cream cheese) and cream are used in many dishes.
  • Except at its main entrance, through the valley of the Yellowstone on the N., the park is entirely surrounded by national forests: the Gallatin and Absaroka national forests, on the N.; the Shoshone and the Beartooth, on the E.; the Teton, on the S.; and the Tai ghee, the Madison and the Gallatin, on the W.
  • The principal staples include wheat, oilseeds, raw cotton, indigo, sugar, molasses, timber and forest produce, dry-stuffs, ghee, opium and tobacco.
  • In this primeval, or rather timeless because ever-proceeding, sacrifice, time itself, in the shape of its unit the year, is made to take its part, inasmuch as the three seasons - spring, summer and autumn - of which it consists, constitute the ghee (clarified butter), the offering-fuel and the oblation respectively.